Worker - HRMS Software

Our web based human resource management system online software can manage an organization’s workforce efficiently and effectively. It is simple, fast, and powerful software system that allows our clients to focus on the human aspects of their HR assets and services without having to worry about those that can be automated.
Intuitive and customizable.

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What's nice about it?

below are some quick pointers about what makes our software nice and if it fits in our scheme of things

  • Dashboard

    One place to see all that is important from day to day perspective. Help you take swift and quick actions and never loose track of what's pending.

  • Automated Payroll

    Completely flexible and customizable set rules on company level or on each employee level. Auto generates the salary slips and more.

  • Workflow Based

    Change workflow and approval flow as per your company. Set rules based on division department and roles for leave approval, claims and more.

  • People Management

    Handle company complete work force based on roles and access rights. Each user can only see what they have access to and need to do.

  • Attendance Management

    Supports multiple swipe and out, Manage employee attendance, working hours and productivity. Sends auto reminders and more.

  • Leave Management

    Approval based leave system, track leave balance and set leaves based on annual, sick, earned etc. Set limits to leaves allowed.

  • Claim Management

    Approval based, group claims, keep documents centrally stored for ease of accounting. Improve accountability and keep fraud under check.

  • Asset Management

    Never loose track of any asset, where is it, who is using it and if it's in working condition or not. Know cost and where it was procured from and more.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Fully responsive UI and runs on any device and fully customized to different screen sizes for ease of use.

  • History Tracking

    Never worry about loosing any data, we track every change that happens and let you restore it.

  • Single Sign On

    SSO enabled helps your company manage all our apps with single sign in. Saved time and increase security.

  • Per User License

    Take only only the exact number of users you may need and what's better is that it's free for small companies.

Awesome screenshots

Complete Feature list

Intuitive and customizable, some of the features of the application are:

Main Features

  • Company Management (Multiple)
  • Divisions, Departments, Branches Management
  • Employee Registration
  • Salary settings Employee and Company wide
  • Claim Management
  • Leave Management
  • Holidays Management
  • Need management (Stationary, computers, pens pads etc)
  • Attendance management & SwipeIn and Out
  • Event Management
  • Asset Management
  • Location Management *
  • Employee Background Verification *
  • Conference Room Booking and management *
  • Ticket Management *
  • Appraisal management *
  • Reminders management *
  • Chat Features *

Other Features

  • Dashboard approach - Single page to guide u for all important actions.
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Workflow Based
  • Approval Flow based
  • Role and Access rights based
  • Multi currency Support
  • Data Audit
  • History tracking

Technical Features

  • Modern UI - Responsive Web and Mobile Ready
  • RESTful architecture
  • Per user license cost
  • Need Service Providers
  • Background Verification Service Providers
  • Single Sign On